19th Oct. A new leader in the James Hardy Memorial Trophy for the biggest Sea Trout of the seaon is Mathew Bradbeer, a visitor from Bury St Edmunds who fishes here every year, the fish weighed 14lb 8oz. It was a hen fish caught on fly at Rothbury and was safely returned, the catch was fully witnessed and photographed and can be found on the front page of the site
12th Oct. After the rain of yesterday, the River Tyne is unfishable. The Coquet is carrying only 6-12" of extra water which may rise before the end of the day but looks good at the present time.
A number of fish caught of late are definitely in their breeding colours, please return all HEN fish to assist in the preservation of future stocks.
River Tyne: A new No Parking sign has been erected at The Wires, please refrain from parking anywhere near the stile, stay in the large car park only.
19th Sept.  High Park Felton..  The old access road is now closed the new route is at the bottom of the car park go through the double gates the farm tractors use, follow through the farm buildings to join where the gate is that leads to Hay stack hill.
8th Sept. Yesterday Ron Hutton caught a 17lbs salmon from the Tyne this cannot be entered for the heaviest fish of the season as was not weighed in by one of our bailiffs.
7th Sep. Please see the notice on the home page with reference to the Angling Trust meeting on the 2 Oct 2017 at the Comrades Club Morpeth.
Rain is forecast for the next few days hopefully this will lift the river levels. A couple of reports of fly tipping in the Tyne area which has been reported to necessary authorities., it should be removed in the next few days if it has not already been tendered to.
31st Aug. Another quiet week with no extra water in our rivers. Only reports received were of a good Salmon Grilse from the Tyne, caught by Brett Jordan on a Tyne Toucan. Sea Trout from the Coquet on fly fished into the dusk of the day. Reports from the Till, Salmon Grilse from the Turvelaws beat also a good Sea Trout last night again fly fished into the dark.
17th Aug. It is hoped that sport will pick up with the rise in the river levels. Very little to report in the catches except for a nice fresh sea liced Sea Trout of about 5lb in the the Felton beat taken on fly.
10th Aug. Thomas Glenny caught a lovely Sea Trout of 13lb 1oz just short of the heaviest of the season. The fish came from the River Tyne, caught on the 9th of August. Coquet and Till still running fairly low, some Sea Trout caught on the Coquet in the early evening and into the night.
7th Aug. The river levels are almost back to normal for this time in the season. More rain is forecast for the weekend which it is hoped will improve the sport.
Over the next few week the photos page will be revamped to allow additional pictures to be shown.
Thanks to the volunteers and bailiffs who worked long and hard to strim the High and Low Park beats.
27th July. Water conditions are good after the recent rain. Sport on the Coquet and the Till, Barry Mavin had a nice Salmon Grilse from the Pauperhaugh area on a Trotted Worm. On the Till, 4 fish were reported caught, the best Sea Trout weighed in at just over 5lb caught by Richard Beesley and a 6lb 12oz Grilse also caught by Richard. This is the first Salmon reported from the Till waters all season.
The Federation would like to take this opportunity to thank bailiffs and helpers from the Tyne and Coquet for all work completed on the upkeep of the river. Thanks also to Tony Simpson for the information about fly tipping with the hope that this situation has been resolved. If anyone spots any fly tipping near our waters to get in touch. All reports will be treated in confidence.
13th July. Over the past week both the Till and the Coquet have been fishing well. Till is producing a number of Sea Trout upto 5lb in weight, Chris Pearson had a good Brown Trout of over 3lb in weight which was witnessed and photograph but not weighed. Unfortunately it cannot be presented as the heaviest Brown Trout of the season.
On a happier note, Rab, has caught a 13lb 4oz Sea Trout from the Coquet which has been weighed, witnessed and photograph. The picture is presented on the index page.
More rain is forecast this week so it should perk up the rivers again.
6th July.River conditions are good again after the very recent rain. Numerous reports of fish seen and caught with the following of note:
Malcolm Alison - Sea Trout from the Felton beat - 5lb. Richard Beesley - Sea Trout on the Till - 3lb.
The largest recorded Sea Trout so far this season was caught by Rab, last week, weighing in at 8lb who also returned a nice Salmon - both were taken on the fly. There would appear to be a good run of small Sea Trout in the Coquet and Till waters. More rain expected over the next few days which should encourage the sport to be good.
22nd Jun. The river levels are almost back to normal and more rain is forecast over the next few day. Hopefully the water will freshen things up again. Rivers continue to fish well at the moment. The river Till especially with Grayling and Brown Trout over 2lb, and sea Trout in the 3-4lb region.
15th Jun. A random selection of recent catches has been put onto the 2017 Images page.
From the Till a number of good Sea Trout have been caught. Tommy Cleghorn and Richard Beesley both had nice Sea Trout. From the Coquet, fish coming from a number of beats from the tidal waters to the Rothbury beats. Paul Nelson caught and released a prime Salmon fresh off the tide estimated at 12 to 14 lb in weight. Kevin Shanks, Kevin Murray, Davey Murray and James Tocker all had good Sea Trout. James Tocker also caught the best Brown Trout of the season so far at 2lb 12oz.
8th Jun. The long awaited rain finally arrived with a good amount into the rivers. Although there are a few localised bank overspills the river has returned to a more normal state but with some localised rain up the valleys the river levels remain unstable. Hopefully by the weekend the fishing should be better.
Upcoming meetings: Salmon and Trout Conservation UK on Wednesday July 26th 2017 at the Northern Football Club  The McCracken Suite. off the old Great North Road. Their website link is available HERE
A picture of the heaviest Salmon so far is displayed on the index page, caught by Thomas Glenney weight 16lb 8oz and caught on the Tyne at the end of May. The fish was safely returned.
11th May. Picture on the Index page show a Chris Pearson caught 16lb Salmon from the Tyne, it is the biggest fish of the season so far that has been reported.
Thanks to all the members who turned up on the 6th for the workparty, great job and much appreciated. There will be another workparty this weekend meeting at the High Park car park in Felton at 12 noon on Saturday 13th May members are again encouraged to attend.
4th May. Our first Sea Trout this season came from the River Till on Monday 1st May, caught and safely returned by Chris Watson, picture on the 2017 Pictures page.
A workday on Saturday 6th May meet at High Park car park at 9.15. Any volunteers or helpers would be appreciated.
27th Apr. River conditions on all NAF including Tyne, Coquet and Till are low and poor fishing has resulted.
13th Apr. All NAF rivers are back to normal seasonal levels, some fish have been reported on lower beats but no fish caught.
6th Apr. Last weekend John Foster had his second fish of the season from the Coquet Lodge area and a picture is displayed on both the Index page and the 2017 Images. 2 fish lost on the same day from the same area. Fresh Salmon caught at the Gravels of around 8lb which was safely returned, a second fish was lost. River levels are almost back to normal height, with little rain in the immediate future.
23rd Mar. After rain yesterday and overnight, the river is high flood. Levels should return to normal by the weekend. The annual presentation took place on Monday evening at Alnwick Castle and the trophies were presented by His Grace the Duke of Northumberland. Pictures are on the presentations page. Follow the link above.
16th Mar. Nicky Barrs had a lovely Springer on the 14th Mar from the White Posts which was estimated at over 15lbs.
9th Mar. River conditions remain good still carrying extra water and fining down nicely. Fish have been reported on the tidal and a double figure fish was lost earlier in the week at the White Posts.
2nd Mar. Warmest congratulations to John Foster for the first Salmon in 2017. Caught at the White Posts on the 1st March using a Black and Yellow Devon.
2nd Feb.  There was a good turn out of anglers for the first day on Wednesday, but no fish were seen at Coquet Lodge. There was a fish reported lost from upriver but no information whether this was a fresh fish or a Kelt.
The Northumberland Game Fishing Association has a meeting on the 15th February at 7pm - 7.30pm start at the Comrades Club in Morpeth please attend if possible.
26th Jan. Permits are now being sold and issued. Included will be an enclosed new map of the recently extended double bank water on the River Till. Day tickets to be booked in advance through the Head Bailiff. His number can be found above. Please be advised that there are 2 beats on the river - Turvelaws is a 6 rod beat and the Weetwood beat is 2 rods only.
4th Jan. A new link has been provided on the index page (below the fish counter information link) that provides Keilder Water release information.
28 Dec. As from 1st Feb 2017, the beats on the River Till will change. Downstream (Westwards) of the Doddington Bridge will NOT be Federation water. 
Upstream (Eastwards) from the Doddington Bridge will be double bank fishing to the Wooler Water.  From the Wooler Water on the North Bank ONLY to the new  STOP sign.
The Weetwood beat commences from this STOP sign continuing upstream to above Weetwood Bridge. Reference should be made to the 2 new maps that detail the Federation fishing boundaries.
Head Bailiff
15 Woodlands
NE65 7XZ
01669 620984
Northumbrian Anglers Federation
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New water is available north of Wooler. The River Till beat and Wooler Water beat on the Turvelaws Farm can be seen on the available illustration on the Angling Maps and River Till page which is also linked directly below this message. However, it is important to understand that this new water comes under the purview of the Tweed Commissioners and is therefore strictly controlled. Their rules superceed any angling rules south of the Border. It is therefore emphasised that each angler makes themselves aware of the rules before fishing this new water. ALL anglers MUST ensure that Federation permits are carried at all times while on this water. Links have been provided to the Tweed Commissioners website below. Numbers permitted to fish this water are strictly limited and must be pre-booked through the Federation Head Bailiff, Willy Farndale at the above number. The NEW River Till map is available by clicking the link or from the maps page of the website.
River Tweed Commission Tweed Angling Codes
Link to new water - click here
2017 Handbook inc Rules
GLASSES FOUND: A pair of glasses has been found by a walker downstream of the Weetwood Bridge on the Till. Please ring for additional information